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Men Endure 66 Years of Restaurant Chain’s Sex Discrimination

November 7, 2009

hooters-waitresses-3In a historic day in the march for male sexual equality, the Lawry’s restaurant chain agreed earlier this week to settle a sex discrimination case brought by a male employee who charged he was barred from seeking employment with the firm’s lucrative wait staff division. Lawry servers can earn upwards of $50,000 annually, although women wait staff must still wear 1930’s period waitress outfits.

Although men at Lowry’s could work in the prestigious “carver” role, slicing masses of meat on chrome-domed carts, they have since 1938 been ineligible to work at Lowry’s as waiters. Lowry’s states it changed its policy in 2004, after the 2003 discrimination complaint was filed.

Despite the progress for downtrodden men, other restaurants have found legal loopholes to preserve their discriminatory practices. The Hooters chain recently settled a similar case, but that settlement is confidential and has not changed the company’s women-dominated waitressing culture. Hooters claims its waitresses provide “entertainment” and thus are exempted from equal employment laws.

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